Monday, February 16, 2015

The Wonderful Now: wonderful stillness ~

Shailene Woodley (Fault in Our Stars, Divergent) as Aileen has this wonderful stillness. Not outside her, but somewhere deep inside. That's what gives her the wonder which she feels when good things happen to her. There is an aching sweetness in her diffidence. And she accepts acknowledgement of her considerable gifts as a gift by itself. But just the way she's alive to what's happening to her, she also has the depth to know what doesn't happen to her. 

And in the very moment she feels her deepest disappointment, you know she has also forgiven. That's the grace of her being. 

In our lives, we all seek equanimity, amidst all the strife and passion and heartbreaks. We want to conjoin at the very moment we want to break it all up, we want to be together at the very time we want to break loose. But these conflicts are rarely resolved. And we let the moment's tragedy flood our entire life. We lose perspective, we lose the beauty of all possibilities, we lose the blessing of an unforgettable past. 

To know that everything passes, but doesn't erase yesterdays. To know that the celebration of 'now' of our lives is what will give beauty to our 'later'. And to embrace the changes wrought by fortune with a Zen-like acceptance. And to embrace life not as a right, but a precious furry beautiful loving thing capable of giving, even as it breaks our hearts. 

Shalene is so infinitesimally subtle that you learn about the beauty of evanescence by her presence. You will be moved beyond yourself. 

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