Sunday, July 3, 2011

Delhi Belly - How to Burp, Fart, Curse and Run into a Hit!

This has to be the first utterly trashy, irreverent swear-laden Indian film to hit
the screens.

Unburdened with any pretence of keeping appearances, absolving itself of criticism
by publicly confessing to its abuse-drenched content, and pushing the edge of what
is acceptable on the screen, this is one path-breaking film. And all this is culture, 
more than counter-culture.

And when you watch it, its so life-like in its textures, its like seeing any bunch
of youngsters talking, freaking out, and getting punches out of life. That's how
normal this abnormal film feels like.

The tale is old, but never fails to hold interest. Gangsters after diamonds, and
innocents coming into the cross-fire. 

But nothing, absolutely nothing, can prepare you for the outrageous portraitures and
situations. The ways you can use orange juice, stool and neck-ties; what
woman-on-top simulation does to a man, how-not-shaving hurts a woman, lesson on
when-not-to-take-calls, what goes into street food, what happens when ceiling fans
fall from roofs - this film delineates so many situations and delivers with such
deadly accuracy that it leaves you breathless!

Perfectly paced, with a great soundtrack and superb performances, this film is one
helluva f------g ride! Uff!