Monday, February 16, 2015

American Sniper: toll of choices ~

You seek to change the way things are done. You change your entire life to do it. And then you are changed. And then it is out of your control.

You learn to kill something which has a beating heart. And then you learn to kill a body which has a human heart. You don't blink an eye. You learn perspective - and when to kill without compunction. The larger good. And a war which shoots hearts to silence, finds it's heartlessness seeping into life. 

The toll on you of your choices of life will always haunt you. 

American Sniper does not question choices. But it questions wars. The toll of it. And then it swings it's perspective to show a normal life's ordinariness, hark, it's uselessness. Love seems bland. Normal life leaves you nowhere. What is the worth of watching your son's basketball game, when the edges of your country are  being snipped off. 

The pace of a life at home, the glow and it's ordinary glory, sink in slowly. And by the time find it's pristine worth is found, the  karma of irony kicks in. 

There is always a price to pay. 

American Sniper is compelling, pounds with suspense, and tells how what we are good at often saves precious lives, but is not always able to save what is precious. 

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